Fertility Awareness Method: Getting to Know Your Cycles

One thing I decided to dive into during my week off is the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). I bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler a long time ago when I found the new world of natural women's cycles, menstrual cups, and cloth pads. While I have not touched on this subject at all, it is something I have been constantly learning and love. I went on a journey a few years back looking into living a more natural life. As I dove into it, I came across this method and it blew me away.
FAM is a way for a woman to track their own natural cycles. It can be used as a birth control, to plan pregnancies, and (for me) get some more insight on my cycle. FAM looks at three primary fertility signs: waking temperature, cervical fluid, and cervical position. These three signs gives you an insight on when you are ovulating and when you will get your menstrual cycle.

I am only on page 91 in this book and it is already blowing my mind. As a woman, I feel ashamed to not know what is happening in my own body! Why don't they teach us this when we were going through "family life" and health classes? Women's bodies are so complicated and absolutely magical.

Learning how to chart is somewhat a learning curve but once you understand why your body is doing certain things or what things mean, it all makes sense. I have been using the Kindara app to track. I only do temperature right now but since I now know how to track cervical fluid and position, I will be tracking those. Now, I found a cool gadget that Kindara created. It is called Wink. Wink is a thermometer (which you have to use for FAM) that syncs to your phone and vibrates instead of beeps. Let me tell you how much of a game changer this is. First of all, the beeps are annoying especially at seven in the morning. Second of all, I cannot tell you how many times I have lost data because I forgot to put in my temperature in my app. Wink is currently on pre-order for the price of $79. I know. You're probably like WHAT?! $79 for a basal body temperature?! NO WAY! I thought that too until I really weighed in the pros and cons.  Con > price. Pro > reasons mentioned above. I will be using this until I go through menopause (hopefully it lasts that long) and I don't have my cycle anymore. It will help me prevent pregnancy but all so get pregnant when the time comes.

Anyway, I am going to stop rambling now. If you are a woman and you have a cycle, please do yourself a favor and look into FAM. Go buy/borrow Toni's book, get the Kindara app, and get a thermometer (like this really cool one! Or this one if you are on a budget).

I will maybe do a more in depth post how how to chart if you are interested in the future. Let me know in the comments or in any social media platform. I hope you all have a lovely Thursday. I love you!

This post contains affiliate links. 
I am not paid or endorsed to post this or talk about this method. Use the method at your own risk. Do your own research and educate yourself. Kindara and Taking Charge did not pay me to mention their specific book/app/product. These are the ones I have found and used.

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