Film: The True Cost

I got this push to watch the movie The True Cost. I found it on Netflix and sat down at my desk with my lunch and started watching. What a roller coaster of emotions! The True Cost is about the fashion industry and how consumers purchase clothing and the effects it has on society and the environment.

This post is solely to get you to the watch the movie as my words could not do it justice. The film touches on many important environmental and health factors. As I transition into a more natural lifestyle, I find myself becoming an activist. People are making choices that endanger the lives of others and themselves. How could I continue purchasing fast fashion products with the knowledge that people have died for that piece of clothing, that people leave their children with loved ones in order to work in the factory and not see them for an entire year? One factory worker said "I want the owners [of the clothes] to be aware."

I am now aware. I vow to purchase clothing that is safe to myself and help empower the people that create it. "If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it." Our purchases are our vote on what we stand by. I stand by human rights and Mother Earth. We are so lucky to have the power to choose.

Courtesy of The True Cost & Netflix.
I am not being paid to endorse this. I simply watched a life-changing documentary and wanted to share it with the world. <3

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