Light My Fire

For every person that tells you, "You can't." For every time someone doubts you. For each one that denies you. Let those times light your fire. I am told "You can't make a difference in this world." My fire, my motivation, to be the change I wish to see in the world is burning brighter. Light my fire

Part of the self-exploration through yoga is finding those things that burn within you. What motivates you?  We are constantly bombarded with ads, words, people telling us that we can't, we shouldn't. Let that energy motivate you to keep going. There will always be doubters and people who fear of what this world is becoming. Seek your inspiration. Go through the journey. Be the light, be hopeful, stay strong.

I am still learning. I am a student of this world. Let me play and dance through life. Then one day... I will change this world. Even though I am a tiny spec in this vast universe, I can at least touch lives with my words, my actions, my choices.

Courtesy of Freepik (Icon Vector)
Side Note: Fire has always intrigued me. I love the way it looks as it flickers in the night. I am a fire sign. I am drawn to fire stones like Citrine and Tiger's Eye. One of my favorite words, is agni. I learned through my Yoga Teacher Training in PYC that agni is your fire, your light. It only seems appropriate that I am lead and motivated by my inner agni. <3 

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