Bookshelf: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
272 pages.
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishing
Source: eLibrary

I have been hearing about this money plan all over the place (mostly in Youtube videos). I knew I needed to create a budget and how to do it was totally out of my grasp. I checked it out on the eLibrary and dove right in.

This book has changed my outlook on money entirely. Ramsey gives plenty of examples of people who have followed his plan. All of it is actually common sense but I never really knew I guess. He uses the envelope system to distribute money accordingly when budgeting. Now, I feel prepared to start using my money wisely and control it instead of it controlling me.

I have now been following this plan for two months now and I am noticing a big difference. I almost have my emergency money ready. I am budgeting and actually following my plan. I am living my life very frugally and it has not been hard. I never eat out unless I have the money for it. When I want to buy something, I do not just whip my credit card out and buy it. I take the time to think about if I actually need the item. Usually, I don't. Typically, families can tackle the plan and live debt free (aka finish baby step 2) in under three years. Because I am a single person with one income - part time - with student loans and a car loan, my goal is to live debt free within five years. I think I can do it if I truly work hard. It has gotten me really excited for what is to come. I am so happy that I live rent-free because of my parents! (Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, thank youuuu!!!!)

If you are a person that wants to take control of your money or have lots of student loans and car loans you want to tackle, this is for you. I think it is a book for everybody to read. If you have money and owe money, read this book.

I created a little poster for myself that I put on my wall to remind myself that I have a goal and I will conquer it. I made a graphic version for you to use if you would like to use it! I think reading the book will make more sense when looking at this poster but feel free to print and put on your wall. (:
Download the FREE mini poster!

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