A Guide to Conscious Companies


Last month, I watched a film that changed my outlook on what I am buying. If you have not seen The True Cost, please give it a watch. I was thinking about the clothes I own and what I have been buying and my closet needs some serious intervention. I wanted to start with undergarments and really thought about the textiles and the work that goes into the clothing. I thought, "do I really want that chemical filled, child-labor, poor wage piece of clothing touching my vajj? Oh heck no!". So that is when I started thinking. For me, it is all about being ethically and environmentally conscious. 

What do I look for in a company? What are some questions I asked myself when looking for conscious companies?

So I came up with a guide on what I look for...
  • Start by looking at the companies home page. 
  • Read through the About page or the company info. This usually will give you a lot of insight of the company's mission
  • Look for the FAQ - that is, if they have one. 
  • Find their certifications
***Sometimes you really have to dig for this information. Sometimes it is in the menu but usually it is in the footnotes.

Below are some examples of where you can find this information:

 Conscious companies are very transparent. They are clear on what the company stands for. This information is usually not difficult to find.

 Once you have found the pages, ask yourself these questions when reading:
  • Where are the factories?
  • Where are their mills?
  • What kind of fabrics do they use?
  • Are their workers protected?
  • What are they doing to help the environment?
  • Is this information even disclosed? If not, that's a red flag. 
One thing that is an instant red flag is if a company has an "organic" or "naturals" line. These words are not regulated so really dig through their information. Usually if they have a specific line for their natural products or organic clothing, it means that the rest of their clothes are not.

I have looked at hundreds or companies and have came up with a collective of "Karel-approved" companies. You can check it out on my Pinterest - give it a follow, I will be adding more as I find more.

Usually, a company's website will not have 100% of the things I look for. I use my best judgement. Trust your instinct. There is no right and wrong. If you fee good about what the company's mission, be proud of owning it! The things you buy is your vote into what you support. What do you support?

I am not being endorse, sponsored, or paid by any of the companies mentioned above.  I think that the work that they are doing is amazing and they deserve the spotlight. I would LOVE to work with them though! (;

Just a little reflection: I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten emotional when I read the about pages and what they are doing to help make this world a better place. I am so happy to have found these companies. Literally everything we own help others! It's amazing. I am so grateful and my heart is so full of love and happiness. <3 

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