The Magic of Mt. Shasta


As you know, I graduated from Pavones Yoga Center to become a yoga teacher in the beginning of the year. This weekend, I went away for a special trip to Mt. Shasta for a yoga retreat and reunion. What a special weekend it was!

We stayed at Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat. It is such a magical and healing place to be. A perfect place for a yoga retreat. The retreat was so magical. I was able to have a yoga practice, learn more about Tarot, collective consciousness, partner yoga, and anatomy. Whenever I hear my teacher's yoga voice, it reminds me that everything is already okay. It is so grounding and wakes me up to the present moment. While I went to reunite with my teacher and another person that graduated with me, it was really nice to meet past PYC graduates. In just a weekend, I feel like I have made some great friends. This trip for me was to truly ground and find peace within myself. This weekend has given me so much more than I had expected.

Everything about this place is absolutely healing. The tap comes straight from the Shasta spring (or so I've heard?). One special healing that Stewart Mineral Springs had was the bath house. The sauna and plunge is complementary with our stay. I did that everyday I was there. Basically you hang out in the sauna for a bit, this you go down where the plunge is. The plunge is basically a mini lake where the river gathers. So from a hot sauna, you plunge your entire body is 55 degree water. It sounds like death but man... the things it does to your body and mind! It feels like having three massages! You can add a bath (which is a little bit extra) which is very special. They fill up a tub full of mineral water (from Shasta, of course). So in between my sauna and plunge, I would chill out in this bath. I can't even explain how relaxing and healing it was for me. It was unreal.

The most important thing I got from this retreat was peace within myself. I feel so grounded and present. It is as if nothing else matters except now. I was able to have a few moments to myself and the flowing healing water to reflect and journal. I did not realize how important it is for me to have my own time to be on my own. I hope to come back to Stewart Mineral Springs to have my own solitary retreat.

Peace and love to you all. I hope you all have the chance to feel the magic of Mt. Shasta one day. <3

Courtesy of Pavones Yoga Center and Stewart Mineral Springs

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