Being the Best Me I Could Be

Something I recently discovered about myself is that I am absolutely and totally obsessed with becoming the best me I could be. I love discovering self-help books, I love diving deep into what really bothers me or what my passions are, I love watching successful people and finding out what makes them successful. I have always been this way. I grew up always loving how to better myself.

I took a class in college called "Inner Geographies" where we discover the inner realms of our being. I loved that class so much. I was able to truly reflect on why I am the person that I became through art  and creating a visual of my life. This has transferred into my post-college life. I felt a lack of inspiration and growth until I found yoga.

I love yoga so much and one reason is because it is a life practice that helps better myself. There is always something I can work on. There is no way of "perfecting" yoga. I just have to keep working and I find something work on. Focusing on the breath is noticing the inner chatter to the struggles of finding correct alignment in an asana (posture)... There is always something and I love it!

While I find movement to help me be a better person, I love going back to those college moments where I sit on my bedroom floor and start creating, snipping from magazines, reflecting and journaling. I am always finding ways to be a better person and finding ways to be successful in my own way. I hope that I can help others while I help myself (:

peace and love to you all! <3

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