Sleep Revelation

I cannot even explain to you how I am feeling about this. I am excited, ecstatic, happy, but also angry, disappointed, and regretful. I have been doing an experiment on my sleep and what I have found is so.... well, all of those feelings I mentioned above.

A little background, shall we? Throughout my life, I have always thought that I needed my sleep and I cherished my sleep. I told people between ages 19 to 23 that as an adult, I personally needed nine to ten hours of sleep every night. I thought I was the exception to the rule. I believed this. I needed my sleep.

And last week, there I was, waking up one morning with 11 hours of sleep feeling like a truck hit me. I was thinking that this cannot possibly be how people felt in the morning when they get enough sleep. So, I started experimenting and tracked my sleep.

You are all probably yelling at your computer screens like "DUHH KAREL! GET IT TOGETHER!". I get it. But you have to remember that I slept a lot growing up and I just accepted this.

So here I am writing this after two days of cutting off my sleep at eight hours and I feel great. The possibilities are endless! I now how two extra hours a day to do whatever I want to do. I do not press snooze a million times in the morning. I can actually meditate and do yoga before work!

Get your  sleep people. Experiment on yourself and see what makes you feel great.
I hope you have such a wonderful and beautiful day!

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