Update: Changing Directions

"I am mine. Before I am ever anyone else's." [IN]

I originally had set up this page for my yoga endeavors and as my yoga journey grew, it became much more than postures and movement. Yoga has changed the way I live my life. It has helped me find peace within myself, keep an open mind, and keep my inner fire burning for learning and love. It has become my own personal spiritual journey as I go through my own personal adventures.

I guess in a way, my blog is changing with me. It is becoming a way for me to document what I am doing in the present moment so I can look back at what I have done or use it as a reference for future me. If I can help others along the way, even better!

My love for yoga is growing and the things I am learning with it is growing as well. While some topics may not seem "yoga-esque", to me it is. My current life lesson it to listen to my intuition and that I am doing. (:

Keep the positivity going my beautiful friends. While there is a lot of negativity going into the world right now, don't forget to stay positive. Change your mind = change the world.

Namaste. <3

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