I started a new thing called Blackout. It is when I do not go on social media or use any electronics. I tried to do one whole day a week and I realized how impossible that was for me. So... I started small. Right now I am starting to do Blackout once a week after 7pm. I wanted to do this because I find myself scrolling online for hours and I feel like I could use my time much better. Blackout has been great for me because I find myself doing things that I normally do not find myself doing.

Do you give yourself an electronic free day? I find it much easier when I am out in nature or on vacation. But, because I work almost full time and live in the suburbs, I do not find myself out in nature as often as I would like. Instead, I am on my phone or on my computer. I figured that this is the best way for me to not only lessen my electronic time, but to give my days some variety. RIght now, I do about four hours a week of Blackout. My ultimate goal is to completely stop electronics after 9pm everyday and have a full day a week of blackout.

Some activities I like to do during Blackout: 

  • call my sister 
  • go on a walk
  • read
  • write a letter
  • clean
  • play with Ziggy (the baby bird)
  • make something/DIYs
  • read the cards/tarot
  • journal
  • meal plan
  • organize
Have you set a goal for less electronic time? What are some activities you like to do during that time?
Comment below!

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