Wow! December really snuck up on me this year. I have been planning on doing Blogmas for months and was planning to stock pile posts. AND here I am on December 1st with nothing. That being said, I am still doing Blogmas. If a YouTuber can vlog, edit, and edit a video everyday, I don't see why I cannot write a little blog post everyday.

So here we go! Today's post is really to show how even though I may be caught off guard, I can push through and be successful. I may try to plan ahead but in the end it is all about staying present and positive. This is pretty much how my life has been this year.

What you will see this Blogmas 2015:

  • things that I am learning or have learned this past year
  • a day in my life
  • gift guides
  • DIYs and recipes
  • And of course, yoga!
So there you go! 1 post a day. @8am or 8pm. Until Christmas day. I hope you enjoy!

lots of love and positivity,

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