Bookshelf: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
226 pages
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Source: eBook

I do not really have a usual first impression for this book because it kept popping up everywhere! I was watching a YouTube video of a woman decluttering her stuff (I'm such a weirdo but I love stuff like that!) and she explained that this book has helped her get rid of everything. After coming back from Costa Rica, I went through (what I thought was supposed to be) a major purge. I had a difficult time getting rid of my stuff because of its practicality or it had sentimental value. I got myself on the waiting list on the eLibrary for three libraries. THREE! I was #53 in one of them... seems like I am not the only one that wanted to do some major purging. Anyway, this book showed up again on my newsfeed. It was a sign that I just needed to purchase this book for myself!

I really love this book. I actually found it very yogic - looking at items to see if it makes you happy and if it doesn't, you get rid of it. You also acknowledge that your items have feelings (yes it seems crazy but it makes sense). The process of tidying brings our items to life, giving each one a home to let them rest. All items have a specific place in the home so there is no question to where they are supposed to go.

This book is written for all those who want to get out of their untidy ways and who want to purge physical items out of their life. As a twenty-something yoga instructor/teacher/healer/coach that moved from living on her own to moving back with parents with only one room and maybe a few shelves in the kitchen, I realized that I have way too many items than space to put them in. This book really helped me get the big picture that I can get rid of things that do not make me happy. Although I am still in the middle of my process, I can already see the changes within me and my physical space.
So far, I have only done my clothing and have gotten rid of two trash bags to give away.

If you are a person who feel like they have too much stuff, or even just want to learn how to tidy, this book is for you. I am an organized person and I always wonder why my room gets messy when everything has a place. This book helped shed some light on my habits.

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