Creating a Vision Board


I previously wrote about how much I love projects and reading about becoming a better and successful person (two different but similar things). This is where the vision board comes in. I created a vision board two years ago (and I wish I had taken a picture before I took it apart but I didn't). Nearly 80% of the things on my board had come true. The most surprising one was the car. The car I currently have is the same car that was on my vision board! Same color and make but different model. How unreal is that?! This same week some weird things happened to me where I had written down or imagined something would happen before it did. This is where I realized the true power of the mind.

Making your goals and dreams come true take a lot of work and this is the start of how I successfully do that.

Make a vision board.

Gather your items:

  • bulletin board or poster board (I have mine on a bulletin board. I wanted to be able to reuse the board and interchange things as my goals and dreams change/come true)
  • scissors
  • magazines and catalogs
  • pen and paper
  • pushpins (if you are using a bulletin board)
  • gluestick or double sided tape
Jot down notes:
Quickly write words or sentences on what goals you want to have on your board. Cover the different categories in your life, here is what I covered:
  • the person I want to be (mentally, physically, spiritually)
  • health
  • love
  • work
  • travel
  • giving back
  • future physical wants - material items
Go for it! 
Look through your magazines and catalogs for images and words that spark inspiration and correlate with your list. Then make your vision board.

Stuck? Need a little push? Here are some examples (not necessarily on my board):
  • promotion at work
  • new car
  • moving
  • traveling to a dream destination
  • health
  • inspirational quotes
  • dream companion (partner or pets, because both are great)

Here is my vision board:
Apologies for the poor image quality!

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Vision board created October 2015

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