Insta Year 2015

2015's word of the year was: THRIVE. And that it was. (: 

You can use this as a desktop wallpaper! 

Last year, I posted Insta Year to reflect on my year and I thought it is a great tradition to carry on. Insta Year is a way for me to reflect back on the year through pictures. <3

  1. PYC in Costa Rica in January. This journey is quite possibly the most important in my life thus far. I went by myself outside of the country I grew up in to study yoga in the middle of the jungle with a bunch of strangers (who are now like family to me). I have learned so much about yoga and traveling but, most especially, myself
  2. I realized that I find my peace when I am unattached from the digital world and wander off into nature. 
  3. Insta lists are never complete without a picture of the most adorable little bird in the world. Look how handsome and fluffy and cute this little guy is! 
  4. I became obsessed with Sims... that's all.
  5. I went on friendcation to Tahoe! So much fun hanging out with my hilarious friends. 
  6. I celebrated my birthday at a vegan restaurant for the 3rd year in a row! This carrot cake was soooo delish!
  7. I grew wheatgrass for a while and then stopped. 
  8. I bought me a car!
  9. I took a roadtrip with my friends to celebrate a friend's wedding. This is the start of my love for wine - thanks to my sister who is a total wine-o. 

  1. I started substitute teaching
  2. I went to my first bachelorette party and had so much fun. 
  3. My best friend got married and I was part of the wedding of the century. So much love and so much fun! 
  4. I fell in love with my friend's puppies.
  5. I learned how to do fun hair styles AND on that same day I quit the job that made me miserable.
  6. I took a roadtrip with my cousin and went to Disneyland with my sister. 
  7. I still very much love my friends.
  8. I started a job that I love. It allows me to take my breaks outside and hang out in the most beautiful places. 
  9. I  started making stickers and making my planner beautiful. This was the start of my motivation and organization.

  1. I look up a lot
  2. I went on a yoga retreat / PYC reunion. I found more of myself and reconnected with nature.
  3. I saw that I achieved 80% of my vision board and then made a new one. You see that car? I own that car. 
  4. I became obsessed with watching the Warriors game with my dad. 
  5. I was able to achieve this impossible(-for-me) pose. 
  6. Sticker testing for my new sticker shop opening! 
And 7-9 are more beautiful pictures of the sky because I love clouds and the sky and looking up. 

So there you go. 2015 in 27 pictures.
What were the highlights of year? Comment below! 

The THRIVE image is not mine. If anybody knows the artist or designer, please let me know so I can link to them! 

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