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Many people on my Instagram has asked me about my planner, so this entire post is dedicated to solely my planner and the questions people ask. This will be much more relevant soon, but in the mean while, here are the questions and answers about my trusty planner.

What planner do you own and where did you get it? 
I own a Kikki.K. It is no longer on the website but it is the large size (same as an A5).
I actually received it as a birthday present but it is available online.

What are the different planner styles?
There are three kinds (that I know of). Traveler's Notebook, coiled, and binder style.
I have owned all three in my life but I currently own a traveler's notebook and binder style. There are so so many different styles and brands of both so I will link a few below.
Traveler's Notebook: 1 2 3
Coiled: 1 2 3 4
Binder Style: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Why did you choose binder style over the others?
I love the freedom with a binder. I change my mind constantly and I love switching up the order in my planner. I have switched up the order of it at least 5 times already.

I would like a planner, where can I get a binder style? 
Check out those numbered links above! I personally own a Kikki.K in large and I am waiting on getting my personal sized Filofax.

How is your planner organized?
It is always changing but this is how I currently have it organized.

  1. Dashboard with my name and motivational quotes
  2. First section: index (papers in alphabetical order), current goals, and bills. 
  3. Second section: yoga teaching, YWK blog planning
  4. Third section: weekly planner (where the majority of my planning happens)
  5. Fourth Section: current projects with to do lists and brainstorming and drafts
  6. Last three sections: blank pages
I have extra mini washi tape and stickers in the zipper pockets. I also have extra post its and clips in the pockets. 

Here are some pictures I took from my Instagram to show you the evolution of the inside of my planner. All of the pictures were taken at the beginning of the week and my weeks get more filled in as time goes by. 

Why is your weekly planner in the middle and not the front?
If you see my planner, I have a lot of pages in it. I have it in the middle because I am constantly opening and closing my planner. So I have it in the middle so all my pages don't explode. 

Do I have to plan like you? What are other ways? 
Absolutely not! You do you. I plan function over decorative which is probably hard to believe. I have seen different ways. I have work first then blog then a to do list. I used to only do to do list. I have seen others do it by time (I do that when I have an empty day and want it to be productive, or else I will on the internet forever). Find out what works for you! I actually have changed my inserts at least seven times in the past two years.

That looks time consuming, how long does it take for you to plan?
It takes me about an hour to plan because I use washi tape and stickers. I also plan most of my week as much as I can. I also have my planning down (for example, Mondays are blog days and Sundays are planning days).

Where do you get your inserts?

I make all of my inserts because I can never find anything I like or that works for me. Which is why I opened an Etsy shop! SURPRISE!!!! I am only have inserts for sale as printables for now. I will be selling prints in the very near future but right now it is all printables aka you print it yourself. You can get them here! However, if you don't like mine, you can always search "planner inserts" on Etsy.

Where can I get stickers?
Surprise surprise, I make my own stickers. Ha. Does that actually surprise you though? BUT guess what?! I will be selling stickers on my Etsy shop too! I currently don't have any up however, stickers will be up for preorder very soon. If you want updates, go like my Facebook Page or my Instagram.

Below is a very sneak peak of the inserts and stickers that will be in the shop. I am obsessed, I love them so much!!! (P.S. It is a mock plan to test out the stickers and the inserts.)
NOTE: The images shown above will not be sold in the shop do to licensing issues. I had to completely redo my store because of this. So I am so so sorry if you see anything you love from my pages that will not be in the shop. 

So there you go! Practically every question that has been asked or I could think of about my planner. If you have questions or anything, comment below or shoot me an email.

I am not being sponsored to mention any of the brands mentioned above. 

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