Starting a Daily Personal Practice


One thing I truly struggled with was sticking to a personal yoga practice at home. I would start and stick to it for a bit then stop. I feel like I have tried everything. I did stickers, I tried tallies, I tried punishments and rewards. I thought I have exhausted all of my options. Then it clicked. I finally figured out what works best for me.

How to Start a Daily Personal Yoga Practice 
  1. Do it everyday. This is definitely harder that it sounds. Make it an unnegotiable, like brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  2. Track it. Figure out a way to visually show yourself that you completed your daily practice. Use stickers! Make a checklist! Create graphs! Whatever motivates you to keep going, do that.
  3. Make a fun ritual with it. I always light a specific candle that I love. The only time I can light it is during my daily practice and nothing else. This makes me look forward to having my practice.
  4. Reward yourself and work your way up. For example, after the first five, you can pamper yourself and take a nice, relaxing bath. Then after the next 10, you can treat yourself for a lunch out. Then after the next 20, you get a new yoga prop. Just keep moving! 
  5. The most important thing is to start small. My goal is to get to an hour and a half. But how can I expect myself to do that if I start getting distracted 15 minutes in? So I started small. I started at 10 minutes. Once I felt like I was wanting more (usually between 3-5 days) I would increase my time by two minutes. I felt like two minutes was short enough that when I moved up it didn't feel like a big difference. While it does seem like slow progress, it sets you up for success!!! 

So there you go! That is my secret to keeping a daily personal practice. I am obviously not perfect and missed a couple days here and there. BUT in the past 54 days (I just counted), I missed around 5 days, never missing more than two days in a row! Gotta start small. You got this!

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