Eating Clean in 2016


Hello beautiful friends! I am writing to you on my third and last day of my juice cleanse. I am loving  it so much. Going on this cleanse was somewhat very planned and unplanned. I have been saving up for a cleanse for the past three months - putting in a little bit of money aside every month. Juice cleanses are typically pricey which is completely understandable. Juice goes bad very quickly, optimal drinking time is within ten minutes made, there are so many reasons! Anyway, I found an ad for a juice company on the new year where their cleanse was on sale! So that day, I started easing out by eating simple meals. The next day was day one.

Overall the cleanse has been great. I drink when I'm hungry with tons of water and coconut water in between. I had a lot of energy throughout the three days (beside the one day I desperately needed a nap for about 15 minutes but fought through it). The only complaint I have is the uneasiness in the morning and right before bed. It isn't painful or terrible, just uncomfortable.

I am very happy with the juice company I went through. Their drinks are delicious and the nut milk is my absolute favorite. If it was okay for me to drink that every time, I would definitely do it. The thing that really made me really happy about this cleanse is that the wonderful lady customized my cleanse for me. I hate celery. I can taste celery -  no matter how little there is, I can taste it. She had made taste test the ones that had celery in it and in the end I only have one drink that has it. I could still taste it but the ginger overpowers the terrible celery taste.

I would definitely do the cleanse again. My main reason was to clear out my system of the crap I gave it the past couple months. 2015 was not a great eating year for me and I am determined to do better in 2016. Cleansing just puts my body and my mindset in a reset to eat healthy again.

Where do I go from here? Starting tomorrow will be my ease out. My first meal will be a smoothie to slowly start introduce whole foods again and from there I go into a raw diet. I am so excited about this transition! I did raw a few years ago for almost a month and it was the best I have felt. I don't know how long I will be doing raw for but I plan on doing it for at least a week. So the next few posts may or may not be more food related with some yummy raw foods. Many of the raw recipes I have lined up the next couple days are super easy and quick. Not only that, they are really delicious. I hope you all enjoy it!

I am not a professional or a doctor. Everything said in this post is my personal experiences and opinion. Please consult with your health professional before starting a new diet or cleanse. Thank you! 

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