Yinspiration Monday #57

I know, I know. It has been ages since I've published a Yinspiration Monday let alone post! I am so sorry! My websites (yes, plural) are all currently going through some changes as well as some rebranding on some and extra projects on others. It has been quite busy on my end and on top of that I have been working full time and going through training for promotion (yay!). While all of these are great things, this means I have not had a lot of time. BUT without further ado... here is your yinspiration. <3


Unfortunately, there are many unknown sources. Sometimes I use Pinterest and Tumblr to find these amazing quotes but some users change the links to benefit their own businesses. It is such a shame. When I find the original source, I will update them. Please let me know if you find them! Thank you!

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