Insta Year 2016

2016's word of the year was: ABUNDANCE. And that it was. (: 

You can use this as a desktop wallpaper! 

I posted Insta Year for 2014 and 2015 to reflect on my year and I thought it is a great tradition to carry on. Insta Year is a way for me to reflect back on the year through pictures. <3

  1. I started the year off by building a dresser. As sad as it sounds, I have wanted a dresser since I was little and I finally bought one for myself. 
  2. Also started the year off with juice cleansing to kick start my healthy eating. 
  3. Transitioned to a raw diet and continued for 10 days. So amazing! 
  4. I am still inverting in random places. My family and I went to a beautiful winery when my sister came home and it is in a castle! It was so pretty. 
  5. I decided to start some sort of memory keeping and I managed to continue it all year. 
  6. I got Invisalign! 
  7. I finished the tarot module of my CMP class.
  8. Going back to my old stomping grounds and got me some boba and drank it at the lake/pond at Sonoma State. It was such an important independent trip for me.
  9. Meditating was such a big thing for me this year. I've meditated more this year than ever before. 

  1. I still drink a lot of green juice but found my absolute favorite. 
  2. I went on a trip with my parents and took a ton of yoga pics. I love nature! 
  3. Started to make inspiration quote background for my phone to remind myself to stay optimistic and positive. 
  4. I have never studied so much in my life! I took a test and then got promoted at my job!
  5. I visited my sister in Florida and had the time of my life. It was probably the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken in my life. 
  6. Learning how to make crystal grids, I started the crystals module of my CMP class. 
  7. It's probably difficult to see but this is my 2016 shelfie that includes all the TV shows, movies, books, and top music of this year.
  8. I am still yoga-ing everywhere. 
  9. I had a White Christmas! Given that we were only in Yosemite for a day, it was still really cool. 

  10. I wanted to include a picture of my family on our Christmas held the day after but I don't know if everyone is okay with me publishing it. BUT I had the best time with them. I was sick pretty much all of Christmas week, but they made me laugh and cry laugh. It's been good.

    So there you go. 2016 in 16 pictures.
    What were the highlights of year? Comment below! 

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